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Welcome to Zettler Orthodontics

At Zettler Orthodontics, our family has been creating healthy, beautiful smiles for over 40 years. Our aim has always been to use a personalized approach to achieve the best results possible. As part of your comprehensive orthodontic care, we strive to align teeth, create a functional bite, and achieve facial balance that will last you a lifetime. Our orthodontists, Dr. James R. Zettler, Jr., Dr. James J. Zettler, and Dr. Steven M. Zettler, along with our team, work together to provide the best care possible on your journey to a new and beautiful smile.

Some of the care options available at Zettler Orthodontics are:

Complimentary consultations are available at our Hamilton orthodontic office and our West Chester orthodontic office in Ohio, and we invite you to schedule one for yourself or your child, today. A consultation ensures you understand the orthodontic process and the options available to create a healthy smile for you, before committing to treatment.

Everyone at Zettler Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family and starting you on the path to straight teeth for years of confident, incredible smiles!

Dr. James Zettler Jr. on Healthgrades Dr. James Zettler, Jr
Dr. James Zettler Jr. on Healthgrades Dr. James Zettler
Dr. James Zettler Jr. on Healthgrades Dr. Steven Zettler