James R. Zettler, Jr. DMD, MS

On Being an Orthodontist

I love my job! Everyone should be so lucky. My patients and their families are kind and appreciative. The dentists I work with are honest and caring. I have an incredible staff and the work I do each day is exciting and challenging, and makes positive changes in the lives of those in our community. What more could I ask for?

Working with patients who want treatment is fun, because both the patient and I have a common goal and we form a team. I love talking with my adult patients about their lives outside of orthodontics, because everyone has unique and interesting stories. And I love being part of the development of my younger patients, from childhood to adulthood. No matter who I am caring for, seeing their smiles the day we remove their braces, and then seeing them years later and seeing that same beautiful smile and hearing their thanks, is very rewarding.

I also enjoy the medical aspects of being an orthodontist. Clinically, each patient presents with new and different challenges, requiring individual treatment processes. And then each of their appointments requires thought, planning, and adaptation, as I see the changes that have occurred and determine how to progress. Every day here offers me the chance to think and to interact with great people. I love my work.

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Education and Continuing Education

In the 40 years I have been practicing orthodontics, there have been significant changes in our field. I’ve kept up to speed with these developments and continually seek out opportunities to learn about the newest treatments, materials, and technologies.

It is only by being actively engaged in continuing education that I am able to deliver my patients with the highest level of care and orthodontic options that they deserve. As a member in study clubs, the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association, I have access to the latest literature and attend meeting and lectures at the local, regional, and national levels.

Personal Life

I have lived in the Hamilton-Fairfield area nearly my entire life. I was born and raised in Hamilton and have lived in Fairfield since moving back after school. I have a wonderful family consisting of my wife, Anne, four married children, and 10 grandchildren. I enjoy spending my time away from the practice with my loved ones, as well as boating, golfing, playing cards, and playing the saxophone. In fact, I am the leader of, and a player in, two bands. One is a traditional big band and the other is a smaller band playing music suitable for dances, receptions, and parties.

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